Open Markets

Giving a new life to the product to beat competitors and increase user loyalty

client and problem

OpenMarkets is one of the biggest certified Australian stock trading platforms. It's also one the first, so the big amount of customers started complaining about the outdated experience and mentioning younger and more modern competitors. They've asked us to bring user's satisfaction back to their mobile product.

design solution

It's pretty easy to say: let's make a redesign! But we needed to ensure that such radical changes won't make users frustrate even more. Our goal was to ask real users what to improve. Also, there was a strict timeframe, so we've got integrated into OpenMarket's team for a swift handoff process.

then reform

Changing the product's appearance is a very sensitive step since users often criticize the new features. Remember Spotify logo color change when the only single shade of green made a wave of user's radical comments in social media. The best way to avoid any misunderstanding is to ask real people about the changes.
We've created a typeform quiz and gave it to the most active users. They've got back to us with their opinion and we could offer them a solution.


Relying on user data and modern design trends we've prepared the new OpenMarkets app experience. It still keeps the mood but looks way more updated.


We've also created user-friendly animations and it's behavior rules. But we didn't make animations for just animations. They improve user flow and give a feeling of seamless product which is pretty hard to achieve for mobile platform with a huge amount of data and independent trading tools


Big project (it's more than 50 different screens in a flow) doesn't mean heavy. We've created an atomic-based interface kit which is a complete library of ready-to-use components. That's how the dev team can easily implement new designs to the working product.


The design is being implemented but the first tests on real users shown a big increase in customer satisfaction. OpenMarkets team is ready to launch the big update and finally get back to a row of the top AU trading platform in the mobile segment

Increased Customer Satisfaction


Massive press-release and coverage


Improved User Experience


Improved Look and Feel


Weeks of implementation saved


Approval Risk Reduction

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