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Nick Stepuk


29 Years

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🇮🇩Canggu, Bali🇮🇩


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It's been 15 years since I've started to act as a creative. During this journey, I've used to collaborate with top companies and startups, meet amazing people, and nail UX, product, and marketing challenges together with them.
I've used to be a freelancer, full-time remote worker, outsourcer, agency founder, and even the game artist but all of these times I've tried my best to stay a newbie and learn everything new. 
Currently, I lead the design in Core helping thousands of construction workers to get jobs, manage crews and reduce miscommunication, and pick several freelance projects I consider valuable and interesting for both me and my partners.
I live in Bali, make design stuff, practice yoga, and dive into electronic music production, VR, and gaming.
And finally, I'm trying to share my design work, thoughts, values, life moments, and experience in blog, twitter, and dribbble.

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I help my partners from fintech, edtech, and entertainment industries to reach their goals with the following skillset:

Product Audit
Art Direction
Design System
User Experience
Content Strategy
Growth Hacking

Process DNA

"why" is the question I'll ask you first
we both rock
stakeholders only
rocking, rebel, and remote
results not pixels
people not metrics
failure is a discussion starter
no show for halfway results
great is better than perfect
no hourly pricing
an uncomfortable truth to be announced
good work takes time