See how the proper design solution helped one young startup to get bank partners in the Middle East

client and problem

Nymcard is a Visa-Certified tech startup offering virtual payments software and helping banks to deliver their products to customers without any delay. The team needed a solution to how to present their product at a meeting with bank managers and achieve new partnerships.

design solution

Our solution was to give Nymcard's potential clients a possibility to play with their upcoming product delivering an experience of an existing app. We've created three user scenarios for different cases and made a hi-fidelity prototype that looks like a real product and gives an overview of potential flows.

Products and scenarios

To cover all the functions Nymcard provides, we've selected three personas who can be potential bank clients. This solution is unified for each presentation so it's easy to show the same flows to different bank managers.
Good Friend

Merchant's Gift Card Scenario

Modern Parent

Family/Youth Card Scenario

Advanced Traveler

Multi-Currency Card Scenario


Chameleon ­čŽÄ

That's probably the most impressive thing in the presentation. On a presentation, the client sees not a faceless product, but a completely branded modern app with a client's visual code applied. That is what increases the conversion from meeting to meeting and gives Nymcard new partners.
nc_test-1 nc_bank-1
Bankmed was the first bank that took a part in Nymcard's showcase. We've made an app skin exclusively for them considering guidelines and overall vibe.

Live Scenario Preparation

We've made a clickable prototype for each scenario. It looks like a real app and that's what also gives an impression to a potential customer.

Live Experience

The advantage of Invision prototype is delivering a real-life user experience. The prototype can be launched on a phone and shown to clients as is. Looks like life. That's what we need.

All together

It's also good to have a single place of access to these prototypes. We've made a simple web-based presentation with all scenarios kept in one place. It's fully interactive and password-protected so Nymcard sends it to the bank after the meeting.


With those three scenarios designed, Nymcard can show their product and grow their client's list. This solution is atomic-based and customizable so it's possible to apply each bank's branding in a few clicks. The Bankmed presentation ran successfully and Nymcard got a partnership contract and currently implementing its software to the bank's system.

High conversions on getting new b2b clients


Flexibility in preparing to new showcases


The unified sales process 

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