A podcasting platform with LMS function focusing on Tech trends

client and problem

Lørn is a Norwegian podcasting platform oriented on the latest technology trends. If you want to get an overview of what AR, VR, Blockchain, IoT, or Fintech is, you can enroll in the related class and get info from experts

design solution

I've made a complete redesign of the older platform and created a good experience of using the symbiosis of modern LMS for podcast listeners. The app presented as result has strong navigation and sleek visuals

Goals Map

It was a time to take the next step for the client and transform from a set of podcasts to an e-learning platform and go mobile. Our goal was to design a mobile app that combines both podcasting and study experience and the process fast and easy







Mess Off

That was the very first thing we decided to do before prototype design. There werepodcast episodes that are scattered
We’ve sorted them all and created color coded categories. This was the first step to create full-format learning classes to enroll

The Hub

Home Screen is smart (of course). It gives the whole overview of suggested and enrolled courses and adapts to user’s preferences


There are four horizontal tabs and sub-screens inside. Users can easily browse podcasts and classes and never get lost. Also, this kind of navigation is classic for iOS so it is familiar to millions of people


Discover section combines two tabs to browse among suggested classes or the full podcast catalog


There’s also a mini-player view located at the bottom. Episodes can be supported with other media needed to be watched during the playback
The class screen gives an overview of the selected technology and allows us to get some community feedback and see mates enrolled


Here's what we achieved for Lørn's mission to make people follow and learn trends and become tech-savvy 

Way more attractive look and feel


The new experience of two-niche combination


Business model tweaks that let Lørn grow faster

Selected Works

NomadoOur solution was to give Nymcard's potential clients a possibility to play with their upcoming product delivering an experience of an existing app. We've created three user scenarios for different cases and made a hi-fidelity prototype that looks like a real product and gives an overview of potential flows.

NymcardUI/UX Design, Prototuyping, Product Strategy, Visual Identity

Open MarketsApp UI/UX Design, Digital Branding, Design System

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