2020 was pretty anabiotic for me. Events that happen and personal circumstances were blowing my head too much so I've decided to take a break pushing my ambitions. When I felt some power and a desire to make something great again, the question of what's my next step has

It's not too easy to perform a comeback after the yearly break. Especially if you want to bring something new to life, and I'm the guy who has a fear of something new. That's why I've decided to start with something that I'm good at… And made a website refresh. Again 🙂

The first version of this website was, well, a bit weird. Lots of animations and unclear metaphors. Who have I tried to impress?

And that's awesome. My website is the way the world sees me. It's a facade: you can detect who lives in this house if it's a gypsy baron or minimalist. My website is a birdseye view of what's currently in my head.

Website refresh has shown what I want and where I move. Better than any mastermind.

Blocks, copy, and visual design point to the designer's approach and the way they solve the problem. They show the way of communication with the world.

I've moved to Semplice for quick and easy content edit. Made a structure keeping regular updates in mind. Made a facelift for case studies and took away all unnecessary animations and noisy illustrations out of brackets.
STFN is solo now. I'm more maker than a manager and I feel that I could give more keeping this format. The main thing is not pulling the emergency brake for myself.

Glad to welcome you there, on a new STFN website. Cheers!
There's a case when the matter sets the manner, not vice versa. And this approach appeared to be very productive for me.