Refresh your website to discover a better self

February 15, 2022
2 min read

Here's what my first one looked like in 2018:

The first version of this website was, well, a bit weird. Lots of animations and unclear metaphors. Who have I tried to impress?

What can I say about this? What can the potential visitor say? I would say it's all about the naive trying to impress someone who wants to order the design to, well, impress someone. And that's how I felt in 2018. I didn't try to solve problems or help companies with profits. I've just wanted to be the one who draws nice pictures and sells them to weirdos like me.

Later, I've understood that the design profession is something more than visuals and making dribbble shots to reach other designers. I wanted to take a chance to act differently. I had no idea how to transform quickly so I've started with my website. As always. And it always works.


My new page had shown a much clearer purpose and goals. I've highlighted my skills and how can I help people as a freelance product designer. I've got better clients with better products because of proper self-positioning.

I've put things together and tried to represent what I think and what I want to do through a visual form. I've added some clarity not only to a web page but also to my head.

Website refresh has shown what I want and where I move. Better than any mastermind.

Basically, my website is my mindmap. My notebook. It reflects my way to do things. That's why I love to refresh it anytime I'm trying something new. Now I've started to focus on digital products and micro startups. And the purpose of my page has changed again. It doesn't need to be fancy or have a sort of business language. It just needs to be clear and introduce myself. Now it's a playground and a pet project to make my ideas happen.

Your page shouldn't show what you do now. It should show where do you want to get.

That's how it works. If you want changes — start from your website.

Let it happen

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