Start with One — My Self-reminder of How to Launch Things

February 8, 2022
2 min read

I’m struggling to launch this blog. I’m thinking that I have to design it properly before showing it to the public. I have to clean up all my social profiles and get prepared. At least I have to write five articles and publish them so people can recognize my intention to act as a writer.

But things never get done this way.

Instead, I'd better start with one. This blog starts with this one. Screw it. My goal is to deliver and share my thoughts in the simplest form they can take. Whoever it impress, it will be shipped so I could continue my journey. The main thing I should know is this is not the last thing I’m sharing.

Here are three things I've learned to overcome a fear of hitting a "Publish" button. I suppose this can belong to any activity as products:

Go simple

You don't have to impress anyone. Your main goal is to push the snowball. Sometimes it will turn into something bigger but now it's much more important to reduce any friction.

Act Fast

You can tweak and polish everything. Better spend some time collecting mistakes from the real world. No mistakes - no experience. Go get some scars, luckily obtaining them from the internet is not that painful.

Use your resource

You don't have to jump over your head without a reason. Save your energy. You'll learn by building. What you can make with the current skillset? What features can you get rid of to save your resource? What is the easiest way to start it?

  • First Bullet
  • Second Bullet
  • Bullet Three

One is more than none and the second one is easier than the first. Ship the first and switch to the next. Ship it.