Avoid Half Measures in Your Design

April 22, 2020
1 min read

I don't like when a visual design asking for a compromise. Most of the examples of a designer making a concession look too timid.

Let's say headlines. I can make a "medium" line of text that will look accurate but visually it's too boring. What if we give some imperfection and make it huge? So nobody can ignore it and see it stand out?

Or vice versa, I can make it tiny and accurate so it won't ruin the layout and become integrated into the text block.

Or animations (especially animations). If you add a "medium" amount of them, you'll automatically make your design cheaper. There are two ways animations should be used. First, you give a wholly interactive experience and your page becomes more a game than a website. Or second, you add animations that serve the overall smoothness of a page, slightly noticeable. Very accurate, smooth, and expensive.

If your design doesn't require anything extraordinary and conceptual — just take care of clarity and a strong layout. You need the same amount of guts to make just a regular and utility design that isn't trying to impress anybody with unnecessary decorations.